Negative Branding


Throughout the course of the semester we have been been showing how we plan to represent our own personal brand. I do not know how some of my classmates feel but for me it has been a struggle the whole way. Sarah Burnside says that some describe their personal brand as what makes them stand out in their job. I agree that one should have the mindset that their brand should show what traits they have that differentiate them from the others that they are working with. However, I believe that it should also demonstrate what you and the people you work with have in common because most likely if you are working or applying for the same the job you are going to have more in common with these people than not. It is important that the personalities of different people fit together like puzzle pieces. Burnside further says that it is almost too easy to criticize the personal brand of others. However, I think this is only fair to say when one is in a position when they already have their own personal brand very well established. Somebody who is in my position, without a brand to represent them, has very little room to stand on to criticize the branding of another. I feel as if somebody who truly does have their own brand established should not want to criticize the brand of another but want to use that to make their brand even better. The thing about brands is that they change as the world changes. If the parameters of a job changes without you changing and expanding your brand to fit the changing environment you could end up no with a brand that no longer matches who you are trying to sell yourself to.

Worse yet than having your environment changing around you, without changing your brand to fit with the new environment, is intentionally changing your brand in an unchanging environment. In doing this to change your brand says not to bite the hand that feeds you. He uses the example of LeBron James announcing that he was leaving Cleveland and going to Miami. By doing this LeBron was willingly changing his brand to from Cleveland to Miami but instead of doing this in a fashion that Cleveland fans could still support this new brand, LeBron had an hour long special which felt like a slap in the face to Cleveland. This left LeBron’s brand negative in the eyes of Cleveland and its fans. My personal brand had a very negative mark on it in high school due to the fact that I was from Prince George’s County, Maryland. That area has a reputation for being a high crime area and a ghetto. However, the area I am from is nothing like that I am from an area that is more a college town than anything else. It is too bad that your brand can have such a large blemish on it from something out of your control. Unfortunately the area you are from has such a large effect on your brand that you have to take the good and the bands with the branding.


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